Blind Guy

I've decided to be a little bit more active in photographing people around Kansas City that I think are interesting. So I was wasting time on Facebook a few weeks back like most people do and I noticed this guy in some of my friend's pictures. He was a really cool, interesting looking older gentleman that I hadn't seen around town before. So I shot my friend a message and a couple of days later he responded "Hey Zach! Yes, I'm sure the Blind Guy would love to have a portrait done." The message confused me a bit because I couldn't tell if my friend was being sarcastic or if he was serious. Turns out that he was serious and that the guy that I wanted to photograph likes to go by Blind Guy. I didn't know that Jim a.k.a. Blind Guy was in fact blind, when I asked my friend Mark if he may be interested in taking some portraits. 

Fast forward to a week later and I met up with Blind Guy and went to his apartment to take some photos. Over the course of the day we talked and he told me the story of how he lost his sight during surgery back in 1997 as well as many other stories. He is as interesting of a person as his wild fashion sense would indicate. Anyways, here are some of the portraits that we took that afternoon.